Wednesday, November 18, 2015



We visit very beautiful places like the amazing ROMAN COLISEUM..
Rome has very good food, excellent pizzas and pastas. The best restaurant I went was “Zizzi Pizza”.

St. George Hotel is the best places to stay in Rome, but it is very expensive.
People speak Italian, but they also understand English and Spanish..
A few blocks from the hotel, was the Vatican.
Nights in Rome were so entertaining, a lot of bars and clubs to dance. People there were sympathetic and very nice with us.

I really recommend this place to visit in holidays, for me was a good experience.

Cry freedom Questions.

1) Biko wnts to know about Mapetla that was took by the police. Donald Woods tell him about the risk of going to a white area, But Biko answer: " This is my country, i go where i like".

2) Mapleta commited suicide by hanged himself in prision. the inquest says that no one was guilty of the Mapleta death, because he hanged himself. But Ken says that Mapleta would never be able to took his own life.

3)I think that in the next chapter Biko will go to cape town and make some speeches and something will go bad. maybe he will be arrest and torture by the police or something like that. they alerted Biko that if he is going back to Cape Town will be dangerous because he is banned and have a lot of problems with the government.


By Matias Battaglia
25 of August

England- This last year the level of alcohol that teenayers consumed has increased in a very dangerous way. This is because teenayers are having easy acces to alcohol and also by the social pressure that forces them to drink.
Doctors have said that the abuse of this substance in teenayers affects the brain seriously, killing neurons... it also affect education of teenayers who drink behave they get lazier to study. Parents are losing the control of the parties that they children go to. " I dont know what do my kid with his friends, but always that i come to get it he smells like alcohol". Said Jhon Mackenzy, father of alcoholic teenayer.
These teenayers are most ofthen to be alcoholic when they grow up. A survey says that the 90% of teenayers drinks because of social pressure. this is also happen with the cigarretes.
"I like alcohol , it makes me feel very confortable, I accept that I am a little addict, but I like the sensation that alcohol brings, a party without alcohol isnt a party". Says a 16-years-old  boy. Doctors says that this is going to increase with the years.

diary entry

I am an indian boy and my family wants that i arrange my marriage with a girl that i dont love, I just have seen her 3 times in my life. I know that its the indian tradition and I must do what my family has agreed upon.
But I think that this tradition is very stupid, how is it possible that other people choose your future wife. its suposed that you meet someone and with the time you fall in love with that person, and you make a family and live happy with someone you have chosen and your couple also chooses you. that is how it works.
i fell that this is and abuse of my rights and I really dont care about this tradition. I am thinking of escaping from this country if my family doesnt accept my posture about getting married with someone i dont love. And if theu refuse I will just go to start a new life in another country. I will try to find any job in the united states and when I get it I will leavethis country with his tradition behind.
But if I think it well, I will not have a family more than my children and wife, I will have to leave my father, my mother, my sister, etc. But in this life you have to live for you not for others. I will not change my happiness for my family happiness. So I will just follow my dreams for ever.

Genders stereotypes

Nowadays the rape in women has increased a lot.
is it correct that women hahve to dress correctly to avoid rape?
It is not correct, women have all the rights to dress how they want, but the very truth is that the rapists will be more excited with a woman who dresses mini skuirt than a nun. it is sad, but its the reality, rapists will be forever, so its best that women accept this and take care of their security avoiding problems and dangers. if we can channge society this will end, but the truth is that this society is going worst every day, so we have to learn how to avoid problems in life, its not just for womas, is for everyone

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Picture description

"I wish this festival will last forever,"
In this image I can observe 6 persons that are covers of paint, it is possible to estimate that they are smiling,  I suppose that they are in some enterteining activity. In the middle of the photo there is a child that this being embraced by a girl, looks like the most excited of all.
In the caption says that is a festival and i can releted that with a personal experience, the color run, its a marathon that in the run people throw you a especial paint, that you can wash it with water. 

"Nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goal"

In the middle of the picture I see a very muscle arm, the bicep is being measured by a tape. Atthe top right is the face of the guy looking his arm. At top is the hand of the guy with a professional glove to leafting weist. This guy problably is a body builder and how its says in the caption his goal is to have more muscles.